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"Aachen's most significant contribution to world cultural heritage since Herbert von Karajan"

-Gabor Baksay, Kulturzonewest


"We heard your album and are very disturbed. Are you okay?"

- Aunt Gudrun

Porno Ralle


What does "aging gracefully" mean to you?

Is it something that happens automatically? Is it something that others do for you? Is it something that can be avoided? Did you claim an eponymus URL hoping that the domain would eventually be bought by a wealthy retirement community for a five-figure sum, but in the meantime you wanted to do something with it?

The album "In Würde altern" was created in the Corona summer of 2020 - the idea of compiling a solo album with numerous guest contributions from long-time friends and companions had been simmering in the back of Aachen musician Moritz Schippers' mind for a long time. Due to the pandemic-inflicted loss of all performance opportunities, projects and social contacts, the time and peace were suddenly available.

While three pieces were created completely from scratch during this time, most already existed in various stages of completion. However, with many inspiring contributions from musicians who had been on stage with him for more than 10 years, each piece was completely revamped. The album is a kind of retrospective of the first decade of Moritz Schippers' musicianship - have the songs aged gracefully?

"The album is incredibly varied and diverse, […] absolutely timeless."

-Verena Richter, AZ/AN


All music & lyrics by Moritz Schippers
mixed & mastered by Patrick Leuchter at Hidden Track Studio, Cologne
album artwork & design by Regine Schippers

80s Intro

vocals - Jenna Lynn Head
synths & drum programming - Moritz Schippers

Love You Like

vocals - Sara Decker
guitar - Max Hahn
synths, vocals and drum programming - Moritz Schippers
vocals recorded by Jeroen Truyen
guitar recorded by Patrick Leuchter at Hidden Track Studio

Jen’s May Tree Pt. I

banjo - Sascha Mans
all other instruments & background vocals - Moritz Schippers
accordion & piano recorded by Patrick Leuchter at Hidden Track Studio

Der Zauderer

piano, synths & drum programming - Moritz Schippers

Knochige Mutter

drum programming & ad libs - Lew-Lyn Rectenwald
vocals - Moritz Schippers

Wall Street Cred

Roman Wollenhaupt - electric bass
rhodes, synths & drum programming - Moritz Schippers

Jen’s May Tree Pt. II

tenor sax - Kike Perdomo
electric bass - Roman Wollenhaupt
drums - Lukas Dahle
piano, wurlitzer and organ - Moritz Schippers


vocals, piano & synth - Moritz Schippers

Can’t Believe

produced by Lew-Lyn Rectenwald
vocals - Samuel Reissen
guitar - Max Hahn
drum programming - Lew-Lyn Rectenwald
background vocals - Linda Kühl
synths, rhodes and background vocals - Moritz Schippers
lead vocals and guitar recorded by Patrick Leuchter at Hidden Track Studio

In Würde Altern

piano - Moritz Schippers
piano recorded by Patrick Leuchter at Hidden Track Studio

Gefördert durch ein Künstlerstipendium im Rahmen der NRW-Corona-Hilfen